DNS blocking causes phone to lose WiFi

A very quick post but one I thought I'd make after my Huawei Mate 20 Pro recently updated and decided that, even though the WiFi was working fine at home, it would frequently fall back to 4G / mobile data. Hopefully this post helps others who've been as infuriated as I have been trying to … Continue reading DNS blocking causes phone to lose WiFi

Training and Development

Recently a colleague who'd recently joined the company asked me what training strategies I used to get the qualifications I have today.┬áMy reply was probably not quite what he expected, but started with the question "why?". It's important to ask yourself before embarking on any certification path why you want to do it and what … Continue reading Training and Development

IoT for the Long Term Future

I've already expressed concerns about the IoT and what commitment manufacturers will have in the long term for security of the device they sold in an earlier article.  From cameras to childrens toys we're seeing a large increase in products that are internet connected which in the short term offer attractive features but we really need … Continue reading IoT for the Long Term Future

Routing Between VLANs in a VMware Environment

Something that sprung into my head recently was "how efficient can we be with virtualised servers' traffic?" which then sent me down a rabbit hole I certainly wasn't anticipating! In a traditional physical network we can use 802.1q VLAN tagging to isolate one set of traffic from another into distinct virtual networks. As each VLAN … Continue reading Routing Between VLANs in a VMware Environment