Sophos UTM and Policy Based Routing

Ok, so I have to admit that the Sophos XG is pretty good when it comes to Policy Based Routing (PBR). The XG worked pretty nicely for me running on my somewhat overstretched HP N54L micro server VMware host however upgrading to anything beyond XG v15 became painful. Even at v15 the UI seemed slow and I … Continue reading Sophos UTM and Policy Based Routing


Sophos UTM Up2Date Failing

Having had mixed results with the Sophos XG, and having hardware that just can't keep up with the latest updates for it, I've reverted back to the Sophos UTM9. This still plays nicely with my PIA VPN setup whereby a pfSense router is placed in front of a UTM interface to anonomise traffic however I … Continue reading Sophos UTM Up2Date Failing

Setting Up PIA VPN In My Overly Complicated Network

After getting my hands on a WiFi Pineapple (a post on this to follow!) and enjoying exploring its features I quickly realised my mobile device is super promiscuous when it comes to joining open access points I'd previously connected too (Premier Inn, McDonalds etc). This got me started on looking into VPN solutions and after … Continue reading Setting Up PIA VPN In My Overly Complicated Network

Sophos UTM vs. XG

I've been using a Sophos UTM9 virtual appliance for some time now. Originally my intention was to just test out its features as I was already using a pfSense VM to isolate my lab environment from my live environment, however I started to see the massive potential in the device and eventually retired pfSense in … Continue reading Sophos UTM vs. XG